Read this story of how a man, taking a short, innocent walk through the woods, found himself in a critical and life threatening situation. The snowy weather suddenly changed to blizzard conditions, causing him to became disoriented and to unknowingly wander onto thin ice.

Always check weather conditions and dress appropriately, including layering for sudden potential weather changes. If you are going alone, let someone know where you are going and what time you are expected.  If your vision is restricted, you are at high risk of wandering to an unsafe area, and/or getting very lost. Always be aware of your location and carry your cell phone to make that emergency call to tell someone where you are so they can help you! Anyone can find themselves in an unexpected, life threatening situation! This man’s story thankfully turned out safely with a lesson well learned, but in my years of search & rescue response this was not always the case.

The following story shows how quickly things can go terribly wrong …


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